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    2. Electrovaya Receives $1.3 Million Grant For Multiple Energy Storage Systems In Canada

      Electrovaya Receives $1.3 Million Grant For Multiple Energy Storage Systems In Canada
      Canadian lithium-ion battery manufacturer Electrovaya announced that it received a $1.3-million grant from the Ontario Ministry of Energys Smart Grid Fund to deliver multiple Intelligent Energy Storage Systems (IESS). According to the short description, multiple IESS will be installed at various locations for Toronto Hydro and London Hydro for applications including phase balancing, infrastructure deferment, electric vehicle charging and general energy storage functions by mid-2015.
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    1. Walmart is actively evaluating different energy storage technologies that have the potential to reduce our operating costs and improve stores' resilience during power outages and extreme weather events across our portfolio.
      In Walmart, Axiom Exergy Partner for Refrigeration Energy Storage Project
    2. When it comes to sustainable and efficient energy management, Walmart sets the global standard.
      In Advanced Microgrid Solutions to Deploy Energy Storage Systems in Select Walmart Stores
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