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    2. Not-for-Profit Utilities in US Pick 'Cost-Effective' Grid-Scale Battery Storage

      Not-for-Profit Utilities in US Pick 'Cost-Effective' Grid-Scale Battery Storage
      Minnesota electric cooperative Connexus Energy has confirmed recent press reports that it is building 15MW / 30MWh of battery energy storage, while another not-for-profit, Vermont Electric Cooperative, will build a 1.9MW / 5.3MWh system in its service area. Connexus is part of Great River Energy, an electric transmission and generation cooperative and the second largest utility in Minnesota. Connexus serves about 130,000 residential and commercial properties in its service ...
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    1. This acquisition is a clear win for the Viridity business and its existing customers.
      In Ormat Enters the Growing Energy Storage and Demand Response Markets by Acquiring the Business of Viridity Energy
    2. We are pleased to partner with Viridity with the execution of our master supply agreement and are excited to be building our first two utility-scale projects together.
      In Dynapower and Viridity Energy Solutions Enter Into a Master Supplier Agreement for Energy Storage Inverters and Fully-Integrated Systems
    3. Viridity is very proud to break ground on the two largest battery storage systems ever implemented in New Jersey, which will provide stability to the power grid and benefit the local communities.
      In Viridity Energy Breaks Ground on Two 20 MWh Battery Storage Projects in New Jersey
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