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    2. Solar-Powered Car Parks with Battery Storage in New Trial

      Solar-Powered Car Parks with Battery Storage in New Trial
      A new pilot to demonstrate a solar-powered car park supported by battery storage for drivers to charge their electric vehicles has been launched. The Smart Hubs Demonstrator RD project will manage the integration of solar, EV charging, and vehicle to grid systems at car parks and transport hubs. Smart hubs that incorporate energy storage systems are expected to increase the ability to charge large amounts of EVs without placing further ...
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    1. With our pilot plant tested and fully operational on the UK's national grid, this new project will provide Highview with the opportunity to demonstrate the technology at commercial scale.
      In £8m for Energy Storage Project at Viridor Landfill Gas to Energy Site Using
    2. A new generation of pumped storage has the potential to play a hugely important role in helping deliver a secure energy system for the UK, while also providing a number of other environmental and economic benefits.
      In UK Urged to Boost Hydro Storage
    3. The UK is the first place outside the US we have focused on and being primarily a distributed generation company the UK is an important market.
      In SunEdison Expanding Into UK, Australia, & China
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