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    A relatively new and very promising area of ​​cooperation for both Tesla and SolarCity is stationary energy storage, which SolarCity offers in addition to the photovoltaic systems. For now, a small 8-kWh wall-mounted Tesla energy storage unit is offered with a 10-year warranty. In its quarterly report, SolarCity admitted that it already booked 395 of these 8-kWh installations .

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    1. Both Solar City and Tesla are known to be insurgents and disruptors, and that's why there's so much attention on this particular offering.
      In The Promises Of Batteries To Bolster Solar Energy
    2. Tesla has essentially given the specs of the cell they want built for its battery and have confirmed that manufacturer is capable of doing it.
      In Clues Emerge for Tesla's $5 Billion Battery Factory
    3. We are talking to Tesla about joining the gigafactory.
      In Musk's Battery Plant Boosted as Panasonic Signs Letter of Intent
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