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    A relatively new and very promising area of ​​cooperation for both Tesla and SolarCity is stationary energy storage, which SolarCity offers in addition to the photovoltaic systems. For now, a small 8-kWh wall-mounted Tesla energy storage unit is offered with a 10-year warranty. In its quarterly report, SolarCity admitted that it already booked 395 of these 8-kWh installations .

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    1. Tesla has new industrial and residential units coming out next year at compelling price points.
      In Tesla’s Powertrain Group: Driving the Grid-Scale Energy Storage Business
    2. Tesla has had a good run in the last 12 to 18 months, not withstanding slow sales in Chinese market.
      In Grid Edge 20: The Top Companies Disrupting the U.S. Electric Market
    3. Internal projections don't suggest that there is going to be sizable revenue with Tesla this year.
      In How EnerNOC Is Building Tesla's Batteries Into Its Demand Response Plans
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