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  1. About Stem

    utilizes a battery, advanced power electronics, and predictive analytics; Powergetics became Stem April 2012

  2. Quotes about Stem

    1. Stem is a company to keep an eye on as their combination of sophisticated predictive analytics and machine learning applied to energy storage will provide cost savings for industrial customers and businesses.
      In Stem Closes $15 Million Series B Funding Round
    2. The Stem system is invisible to our guests and our staff — it's simply a great way to save on energy costs.
      In Tesla, Stem Boost Business Case for Energy Storage
    3. Stem's successful real-time market award in PG&E's SSP demonstrates the ability for demand side resources to provide services in both day-ahead and real-time markets.
      In Stem Launches Real-Time Energy Sales in California ISO Energy Market
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