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    2. GM, LG Chem to Announce EV Battery Joint Venture in Ohio

      GM, LG Chem to Announce EV Battery Joint Venture in Ohio
      South Koreas LG Chem said it would invest $916 million in its U.S. subsidiary by 2023 to set up an electric vehicle battery joint venture with General Motors. The facility, expected to be located in the Lordstown area of Ohio, would see an investment of more than $2 billion, with GM and LG Chem expected to invest more than $1 billion each. A GM-LG plant could be the first ...
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    1. Given both companies' headquarters locations, I'd expect China to be one of their key markets of interest in the near future, and expect they are exploring other Asian markets as well, such as South Korea and Japan.
      In An Alliance Between Samsung SDI and Sungrow Could Mark a Trend in Energy Storage
    2. South Korea could similarly see a boost in the utility-scale storage market under the new incentive program, with the magnitude of impact dependent upon the level at which the incentive is set and the growth of South Korea's utility-scale solar PV market.
      In Who Will Benefit From South Korea's Solar-Plus-Storage Incentive?
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