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    2. Why Shell bought Sonnen: Value is in Behind-the-Meter Potential

      Why Shell bought Sonnen: Value is in Behind-the-Meter Potential
      While many in the industry have been enthusiastic about the potential of residential and other forms of behind-the-meter energy storage for some time, and the technology is ready to go, its been difficult to really demonstrate the total value that home storage systems could provide. This year were seeing evidence that that has changed. It allows individual users to become more independent of big utilities and to maximize their use ...
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    1. Siemens is excited to be part of the new SEPA, with its expansion into the full range of distributed energy resources including demand response, smart grids, energy storage, intelligent energy efficiency, and more.
      In Solar Electric Power Association to become the Smart Electric Power Alliance
    2. This battery storage system will be one of the largest systems that Siemens has supplied so fa.
      In Siemens to Supply 12MW Battery Storage Unit for Engie's Hydropower Plant in Germany
    3. We have been very pleased to work with Siemens, Oxford University and the University of Cardiff to create this unique facility which will allow the feasibility of using surplus renewable energy to create
      In World's First Green Energy Storage Demonstrator
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