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    2. GE Power, in Need of a Lift, Chases Tesla and Siemens in Batteries

      GE Power, in Need of a Lift, Chases Tesla and Siemens in Batteries
      HOUSTONGeneral Electric Co. unveiled a battery platform Wednesday as it seeks to become a leader in the emerging market of storing electricity. The giant platform called GE Reservoir will be able to store power generated by wind turbines and solar panels for later use. It will also be able to be used to add jolts of power when needed to stabilize voltage and frequency on the electric grid.
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    1. Our work with Siemens identified several valuable scenarios utilizing PRFT's wind resources, combined with storage, that could drive down electricity rates and cut our excessive vulnerability to volatile imported oil prices.
      In Parker Ranch Partners with NextEra Energy Resources
    2. Siemens is excited to be part of the new SEPA, with its expansion into the full range of distributed energy resources including demand response, smart grids, energy storage, intelligent energy efficiency, and more.
      In Solar Electric Power Association to become the Smart Electric Power Alliance
    3. This battery storage system will be one of the largest systems that Siemens has supplied so fa.
      In Siemens to Supply 12MW Battery Storage Unit for Engie's Hydropower Plant in Germany
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