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    1. Saft is delighted to be working with Isastur on this prestigious project that provides an important breakthrough for our Li-ion battery technology in the South American sector, where PV is becoming an essential element within the overall energy mix.
      In Saft Megawatt Scale Li-ion Energy Storage Systems Will Support the World’s Largest Solar PV-Diesel Hybrid Power Plant in South America
    2. The Khulna project for Shanghai Electric Group is an important step that continues Saft's growth within China's industrial standby sector as well as maintaining our already strong position in the international power plant market.
      In Saft Wins Battery Backup Project From Shanghai Electric Group for Power Plant Expansion in Bangladesh
    3. Saft is grateful to receive an award from the ESA with Brad's name on it. His role in the development of the ESA is unmatched, along with the passion he displayed for advancing the energy storage industry as a whole.
      In Saft Recognized for Energy Storage Marketplace Commitment & Leadership
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