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    2. GlidePath Builds Merchant Battery Plant in ERCOT, Bucking Industry Wisdom

      GlidePath Builds Merchant Battery Plant in ERCOT, Bucking Industry Wisdom
      Renewables developer GlidePath has begun construction on a rare standalone storage project in the tricky Texas market. The 10-megawatt/10-megawatt-hour Prospect Storage plant will bid into the ERCOT markets for energy and ancillary services. Though small by the standards of todays utility-scale market, the project, located 50 miles south of Houston, is notable for making the economics work in ERCOT.
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    1. Powin Energy's strategy and technology have proven to be successful as they are providing strong value to energy storage customers through software and integration.
      In Renewable Energy Leader Geoffrey Brown Named Powin Energy's President
    2. Working with partners like Powin Energy allows the Clean Energy Institute to support the development of next-generation clean energy technology.
      In Powin Energy Wins Contract for Energy Storage System from the Clean Energy Institute at the University of Washington
    3. Powin Energy and Eaton worked together to help expedite and simplify the deployment of a dynamic energy storage system.
      In Eaton and Powin Team up to Deliver 2 MW Power Storage to So Cal
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