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  1. About Stem

    utilizes a battery, advanced power electronics, and predictive analytics; Powergetics became Stem April 2012

  2. Quotes about Stem

    1. Distributed energy resources such as those provided by Stem will be part of the foundation of the future electric grid.
      In Stem Adds $100M to Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage Finance Fund
    2. Kyocera is an industry leader in solar module reliability, and the Stem platform will optimize our customers' energy use through real-time data and state-of-the-art energy storage technology.
      In Stem and KYOCERA Solar Launch Energy Storage Solution for Commercial Power Users
    3. Stem's successful real-time market award in PG&E's SSP demonstrates the ability for demand side resources to provide services in both day-ahead and real-time markets.
      In Stem Launches Real-Time Energy Sales in California ISO Energy Market
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