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    2. US Energy Storage Broke Records in 2018, but the Best Is Yet to Come

      US Energy Storage Broke Records in 2018, but the Best Is Yet to Come
      The U.S. energy storage industry delivered record deployments in 2018, driven by a strong fourth quarter for utility-scale projects. But the new achievement for the young industry pales compared to whats to come: an expected doubling in 2019, followed by a tripling in 2020. Such growth will propel energy storage out of pilot-scale projects and into grid planning conversations around the country. Battery installations for 2018 totaled 311 megawatts ...
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    1. Part of the challenge for frequency regulation is verifying to PJM that you did what they asked you to do.
      In The Water Heater as Grid Battery, Version 2.0
    2. PJM works with innovators to assess the feasibility of new approaches to provide important grid services as well as the necessity for any wholesale market rule changes to unleash the potentials of new technologies and applications.
      In AES Introduces Storage Applications Center to Validate Next-Generation Storage Capabilities in a Customer Environment
    3. These awards are good examples showcasing the use of energy storage to integrate more renewables on the grid, provide resiliency and enable the hosts to reduce demand charges or participate in PJM's ancillary services market.
      In New Jersey Awards 9MW of Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage
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