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    2. Battery Storage Gains, May Replace Gas for Peak Power

      Battery Storage Gains, May Replace Gas for Peak Power
      Utility companies seeking to reduce CO2 emissions are increasingly relying on battery energy storage systems to meet peak-power demand as they retire their gas-fired plants. Providing peaking capacity could be a significant U.S. market for energy storage, according to a June report from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Rapidly falling battery costs make the transition attractive.
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    1. Typically, utility companies penalize customers who have these types of conditions where they are constantly drawing peak power, so with the flywheels being there it eliminates the need to have the peak power at that particular substation because of the fact it's coming from the flywheels instead of the utility.
      In Kinetic Energy Storage System Increases eEfficient Use of Rail Power
    2. We are eliminating the typical cause of the need for peaking power plants, which is peak power, which is by and large air conditioning.
      In That's Cool: Ice Energy Heats up Storage Market
    3. Peak Power is proud to partner with GHP Office Realty, a well-respected leader in the New York real estate community.
      In GHP Office Realty, LLC Completes Energy Storage System at White Plains HQ with Peak Power, Inc.
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