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    2. PGE Plan Calls for More Renewables, Energy Storage

      PGE Plan Calls for More Renewables, Energy Storage
      In announcing a resource plan Monday, Portland General Electric, the states largest electric utility, said investments in energy efficiency, demand management, customer-generated energy, new renewables and energy storage could fill a capacity gap expected to open up in the coming decade and keep it on a path to hit a greenhouse gas emissions reduction target unveiled last year.
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    1. Oregon's more limited electricity market means there are fewer opportunities for different value streams for storage.
      In Oregon Saddles up to Implement Trailblazing Energy Storage Mandate
    2. We think renewable energy is the wave of the future and we decided to start with our corporate headquarters in Sacramento. We are looking to expand the use of renewable energy at each of our 64 locations throughout California, Nevada, and Oregon.
      In Enel in Uganda, New Solar Roofing Programme, Commercial PV in California
    3. Portland General Electric's decision to join with NextEra Energy Resources in constructing the Wheatridge Renewable Energy Facility provides both a well-earned economic boost to Eastern Oregon and an important step on our country's needed path to green energy.
      In Portland General Electric and NextEra Energy Partner on Major Wind, Solar, Battery Installation
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