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    1. Hawaii is going through a lot of change right now on the technical side with the state's actual energy infrastructure, on the business side with the NextEra announcement, and in terms of policy infrastructure around the renewable energy goal.
      In The Land of Surf, Sun and Startups: 5 Promising Energy Companies Working in Hawaii
    2. NextEra Resources agrees with IPL that MISO's current energy and ancillary services products are unduly discriminatory with respect to storage resources attempting to provide service. However, the deficiencies with respect to MISO's Regulating Service product are not unique to MISO or its regulation product.
      In MISO Asks FERC to Dismiss IPL Energy Storage Complaint
    3. Portland General Electric's decision to join with NextEra Energy Resources in constructing the Wheatridge Renewable Energy Facility provides both a well-earned economic boost to Eastern Oregon and an important step on our country's needed path to green energy.
      In Portland General Electric and NextEra Energy Partner on Major Wind, Solar, Battery Installation
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