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    1. The two companies will coordinate to jointly market and sell LG Chem's lithium-ion batteries and Ideal Power's power conversion systems for commercial demand charge reduction and microgrid applications.
      In An Alliance Between Samsung SDI and Sungrow Could Mark a Trend in Energy Storage
    2. LG Chem and Samsung SDI, both based in South Korea, have market-leading businesses for the electric vehicle and consumer electronics markets, which has created a foundation allowing for economies of scale through manufacturing.
      In LG Chem and Samsung SDI Score Highest in Navigant Research Assessment of Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers, According to Navigant Research
    3. This project is strategically important to LG Chem due to the role EPRI plays in the utility industry, as well as the impact Southern Company has as one of the major energy companies in the U.S..
      In LG Chem Powers Energy Storage System for Solar Power Project in Southeastern United States
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