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    2. Microgrids in India and Africa - How is Space Tech Helping

      Microgrids in India and Africa - How is Space Tech Helping
      With more than 1.3 billion people without access to electricity and almost 3 billion reliant on unclean and ultimately unhealthy fuels for cooking, the potential of renewables-based mini-grids and microgrids as a clean energy solution is beyond doubt. Indeed a 2012 estimate from the International Energy Agency (IEA) was that mini- and microgrids had the potential to bring electrification to about 40% of those without electrification.
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    1. India's unmet demand for electricity presents a huge opportunity for off-grid renewable energy solutions, in particular solar home systems and decentralized renewable energy systems.
      In India's $250M Off-Grid Solar Market Boosts the Case for Battery Storage
    2. This 180 MW of solar power demonstrates that good things happen when you bring two of India's largest energy brands together.
      In SunEdison Signs 180 MW Solar PPA with India's Largest Utility
    3. Energy storage can be particularly helpful for integrating variable renewable generation in India since the technical infrastructure and market mechanisms available at the disposal of many other power grids are not yet available in the country.
      In India Looks to Battery Storage to Supplement Its Solar Boom
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