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    2. Transforming the Market for Virtual Power Plants with Advances in Energy Storage

      Transforming the Market for Virtual Power Plants with Advances in Energy Storage
      The evolution of energy markets is accelerating in the direction of a greater reliance upon distributed energy resources (DER), whether those resources generate, consume, or store electricity. One strategy to address this trend is a virtual power plant (VPP), the concept that the intelligent aggregation and optimisation of DER can provide the same essential services as a traditional 24/7 centralised power plant. As a result of the wide divergence ...
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    1. SCE's focus on renewable energy is critical to helping meet California's long-term goals, and Ice Energy is proud to be part of the solution with these contracts.
      In Ice Energy Awarded Contracts Totaling 25.6 Megawatts from Southern California Edison for Behind-the-Meter Thermal Energy Storage
    2. What attracts me to Ice Energy is the proven technology and track record -- including having delivered more than 20 million hours of clean energy capacity.
      In Ice Energy Welcomes Former DOE Assistant Secretary Cathy Zoi to Board of Directors
    3. As a certified Southern California Edison energy services provider, Ice Energy is committed to significantly lowering energy costs for Orange County businesses and reducing peak load on the grid.
      In Ice Energy Launches the Keep Your Cool™ Free HVAC Replacement and Energy Storage Program
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