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    2. Portland General Electric Plans to Invest in 39 MW of Energy Storage

      Portland General Electric Plans to Invest in 39 MW of Energy Storage
      One of the hottest topics in the industry these days is how utilities will deploy more energy storage to accommodate renewable resources during peak use times, which traditionally fall outside the highest production times for solar-electricity systems (see Curve, Duck). California is, as usual, leading the race toward a solar + storage future, having recently decided to require utilities to include non-fossil fuel alternatives including electricity storage to serve during those ...
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    1. GE is watching what's happening at the edges [of the grid] with interest. Intelligent storage plays a role in those changes.
      In GE and Iberdrola Jump Into $15M Round for Stem's Customer-Sited Storage
    2. We are excited about partnering again with GE on Japan's third-largest solar power plant, and the largest in the country that is invested 100% by foreign financial institutions.
      In GE Energy Financial Invests in 96.2 MW Solar Plant in Japan
    3. We have a history of working with GE in thermal and wind, and we are pleased to continue our long-standing collaboration into the evolving world of energy storage.
      In Con Edison Development Enters into Agreement to Procure GE Energy Storage System
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