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    2. UTILITIES: NextEra announces record renewables, world's largest battery

      UTILITIES: NextEra announces record renewables, world's largest battery
      The world's largest renewable energy developer says it has more projects in the works than it has connected to the grid including plans for the biggest-ever stand-alone battery storage system. Renewable energy giant NextEra Energy Inc.'s competitive wholesale power unit has inked deals for more than 15,000 megawatts of wind, solar and storage projects, the utility giant announced yesterday. "Our backlog is now larger than [NextEra] Energy ...
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    1. Florida is not the greatest renewable state.
      In USF Professor Yogi Goswami Captures Solar Energy Using Salt Balls
    2. We have first-hand knowledge of the suffering and hardship that this disaster has brought to the people in Florida and the Carolinas. We are extremely grateful for the first responders and other essential personnel that have been working hard to get the power back on in the affected areas.
      In Microgrids Aren’t Being Built Fast Enough: Hurricane Matthew
    3. We actually do significant business in Florida, because the small solar industry that is emerging in Florida is very excited about the idea of solar-plus-storage and energy security.
      In Sonnen Expands US Presence With Battery Manufacturing Hub in Atlanta
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