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    2. Trio of Federal Energy Storage Bills Avoid Tax Credits

      Trio of Federal Energy Storage Bills Avoid Tax Credits
      Three bipartisan energy storage bills were introduced in Congress last week, but none would provide investment tax credits, which industry has sought to increase the competitiveness of the technology. The three storage bills, which focus on opportunities for loans and research in energy storage, come amid rising interest in the technology, with an increasing number of state targets, a new bipartisan storage caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives ...
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    1. SEIA is excited to work with ESA to help achieve mutual collaborative goals to better support our respective members and expand the U.S. solar energy market.
      In Electricity Storage Association & Solar Energy Industries Association partner
    2. The ESA is pleased that the Department of Energy will be providing analysis, tools, and opportunities for public-private partnerships–playing to the strengths of the agency while enhancing the ability of the energy storage industry to move forward with commercialization.
      In DoE Energy Storage Report Praised By ESA
    3. ESA's Annual Conference is the energy storage industry's signature event, featuring keynotes from global corporate energy executives, interactive discussions and roundtables with policymakers, legislators and market leaders.
      In Top Industry Leaders to Convene, Discuss Future of Energy Storage at the Premiere Industry Conference and Exhibition
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