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    2. New Utility Program Hopes to Stimulate Sustainable Energy Storage Growth

      New Utility Program Hopes to Stimulate Sustainable Energy Storage Growth
      There is considerable debate throughout the energy storage industry about what the optimal location is for energy storage systems (ESSs) to provide the most value. Systems can be installed either behind the meter (BTM) for individual customers, or located strategically on the utility side of the grid. While these two types of systems are typically designed for different purposes, the advances being made in storage software platforms are blurring the ...
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    inverters and distributed storage manangement

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    1. A growing number of our partners want to offer an easy to install, user-friendly and cost-competitive residential energy storage system, Eguana's Evolve checked all the boxes.
      In CED Greentech OC now Offering Eguana Evolve Residential Energy Storage System
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