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    1. We continue to match our models. We're really on the right track and we're going to be well below the DOE target
      In EnerVault Nears Completion of Its First Commercial-Scale Flow Battery
    2. With the support of DOE, the Energy Commission, our technical team and investors, EnerVault's long-duration, grid-scale energy storage systems are ready to participate in California's ground-breaking energy storage market in less than five years from our first round of funding.
      In California Energy Commission Joins U.S. Department of Energy to Dedicate EnerVault’s Long-Duration Energy Storage System
    3. The exciting thing for us is that we are seeing traction across the board with start-up companies, engagement from strategics, engagement with other parts of DOE and DOD to move things forward in a number of areas and we've had good traction with follow-up funding.
      In ARPA-E ‘Encourages Crazy Ideas’ to Find Disruptive Energy Technology
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