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    2. RES Awarded Storage Project for NREL'S National Wind Technology Center

      RES Awarded Storage Project for NREL'S National Wind Technology Center
      Broomfield, Colo. Renewable Energy Systems (RES), is pleased to announce that our RESolve energy storage system has been selected for the 1MW/1MWh energy storage test project at the Energy Departments National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) National Wind Technology Center (NWTC). RES is a technology-agnostic integrator that performs the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) as well as offering long-term performance wraps.
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    1. We continue to match our models. We're really on the right track and we're going to be well below the DOE target
      In EnerVault Nears Completion of Its First Commercial-Scale Flow Battery
    2. Successful commercialization of DOE-sponsored technology development, such as this, is vital for creating the grid of the future, and sustaining U.S. leadership in advanced technology.
      In WattJoule Licenses Flow Battery Technology Developed by PNNL
    3. With the support of DOE, the Energy Commission, our technical team and investors, EnerVault's long-duration, grid-scale energy storage systems are ready to participate in California's ground-breaking energy storage market in less than five years from our first round of funding.
      In California Energy Commission Joins U.S. Department of Energy to Dedicate EnerVault’s Long-Duration Energy Storage System
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