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    2. Holy Cross Looks to Build Energy Resilience Post-Lake Christine Fire

      Holy Cross Looks to Build Energy Resilience Post-Lake Christine Fire
      The summer of 2018s Lake Christine wildfire not only destroyed three homes and torched thousands of acres of forest, it also came dangerously close to taking out the power lines for the upper Roaring Fork Valley. After this close call, Holy Cross Energy partnered with Rocky Mountain Institute to find ways to keep the lights on if theres another disaster.
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    1. As part of Xcel Energy's Innovative Clean Technologies program in Colorado, we're eager to demonstrate how energy storage can integrate more solar energy on our system. We'll also examine how battery systems can become more cost effective by supporting the grid and providing reliability for customers.
      In Panasonic, Younicos, & Xcel Energy Form Denver Public/Private Microgrid Partnership
    2. Denver is an ideal destination for our 2017 conference – with a robust advanced energy ecosystem throughout Colorado and many innovative energy storage projects already deployed in an all-around world class city.
      In Microgrid Knowledge to Moderate Panel at the Energy Storage Association Expo in Denver
    3. Colorado is clearly on a path legislatively for energy storage.
      In As Second Wave of State Storage Targets Builds, Utilities Propose New Projects
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