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    2. Status and Plans of Liquid Metal Battery Corp.

      Status and Plans of Liquid Metal Battery Corp.
      Liquid Metal can register as an independent power provider without going through a utility or regulators to charge for the service. With its millisecond response time, LMBC could also benefit from a ruling by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that technologies with fast response times can be paid more for their services.
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    1. As ARPA-E approaches its 5th anniversary, our projects are demonstrating tangible technical and market progress in transforming America's energy future.
      In ARPA-E Projects Attract More Than $625 Million in Private Funding
    2. These 13 REBELS projects are an excellent example of how ARPA-E is developing innovative technology options to transform and modernize America's evolving electric grid.
      In ARPA-E Announces 13 New Projects at New York Energy Week
    3. The ARPA-E projects selected today highlight how American ingenuity can spur innovation and generate a wide range of technology options to address our nation's most pressing energy issues.
      In Secretary Moniz Awards $125 Million for 41 Transformational Energy Technology Projects Ahead of COP21 in Paris
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