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    2. Researchers Tout Energy Innovations, Say New Mexico Could Play Role in Reshaping Power Grid

      Researchers Tout Energy Innovations, Say New Mexico Could Play Role in Reshaping Power Grid
      A liquid metal battery thats long-lasting, efficient and cost-effective to build. A small modular nuclear reactor that fits in a space the size of a football field and could power all of Santa Fe. The two technologies attracted a room full of energy nerds, researchers and at least one Sierra Club member at La Fonda on Thursday morning for a free talk about potential game-changers for a power grid that ...
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    3. Blackstone & Denso Back The Energy Excelerator

      Blackstone & Denso Back The Energy Excelerator
      The Energy Excelerator supports innovative energy solutions with up to $1 million of nearly non-dilutive funding to demonstrate their technology in Hawaiis real world test bed. Investors, both private and public, are seeking new ways to vet companies and fund innovation. Partners see the program as an extension of their due diligence process when working with innovative companies. The Energy Excelerator is unique because it enables startups that can solve ...
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    1. We will be building a commercial Ambri system in our lab next year which will be more than 500 kilowatt-hours in capacity. We will deploy our first systems of this size with customers in 2018.
      In Ambri Returns to The Energy Storage Hunt With Liquid Metal Battery Redesign
    2. Since Ambri's Liquid Metal Battery is still in development, they needed a BMS that could combine the standard monitoring and diagnostics functions of an off-the-shelf BMS with the flexibility to test a variety of configurations and cell interactions.
      In Nuvation Engineering Helps Ambri Advance Liquid Metal Battery Technology
    3. Here, we will demonstrate that Ambri's Liquid Metal Batteries can be produced at comparatively low capital cost, and make large-scale energy storage a practical reality.
      In Ambri Liquid Metal Battery: Prototype Deployment Set for 2014
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