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    2. Contenders: Long Duration Energy Storage Technologies, and Who's Behind Them

      Contenders: Long Duration Energy Storage Technologies, and Who's Behind Them
      ...ghview has signed a deal with EPC partner TSK for marketing its systems into Spain, the Middle East and South Africa. Currently, only two of the systems have been deployed, although there are plans for five 250MWh system...
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    3. The Land of Opportunity for Off-Grid Solar

      The Land of Opportunity for Off-Grid Solar
      Consolidation is picking up in Africas off-grid renewables market, where big investors like Engie are betting on the electricity consumers of the future. While a variety of technologies and products are considered part of the off-grid ecosystem, solar home systems have been the star from an investment perspective, and particularly those sold under a pay-as-you-go (paygo) model. Under such a model, customers are provided with a solar-generation unit, usually backed ...
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    1. If we continue electrification at the rate we are going today in Africa, there will be more people without electricity by the end of the decade than there are now.
      In SunEdison's Next Market: Solar Minigrids and Micropower Stations for the Energy Poor
    2. We are seeing very strong demand for Tesla Energy products globally, and particularly in Australia, Germany and South Africa.
      In Tesla Says Strong Demand For Powerwall Battery Storage Unit In Australia
    3. As South Africa's struggling power utility battles to cope with growing demand for electricity, Imergy's vanadium flow batteries are providing a high quality, reliable power supply to meet the needs of the telecommunication industry in a cost-effective and sustainable way.
      In Multinational Mobile Telecommunications Network Group Purchases 125 Imergy Flow Batteries for Communications Cell Sites in Africa
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