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    2. eChemion Launches to Deliver Innovative Energy Storage Solutions of the Future

      eChemion Launches to Deliver Innovative Energy Storage Solutions of the Future
      eChemion today announced that it has formally emerged from stealth mode to introduce its first product, a chemical energy storage solution for Redox Flow Batteries. The company, founded by Alex Bistrika, PhD, Chemical Engineering and Pavel Mardilovich, PhD, Material Science and Engineering, has invented a patent-pending treatment process licensed from Oregon State University that greatly enhances the performance characteristics of carbon felt and cloth used in the electrode stacks of ...
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    1. Large scale storage of electricity needs advanced battery systems that are safe, low cost, and high energy-density.
      In Chinese Scientist at Oak Ridge Lab May Have Discovered Batteries' Future
    2. We have a proven track record of engineering and commissioning advanced battery energy storage systems across the country, and we look forward to building on our long history of working with AES.
      In AES Reveals Battery Integration Center, LG Chem and Parker Hannifin are Initial Partners
    3. By combining solar and advanced battery technology with smart software, homeowners can optimize their energy use by balancing consumption of stored and renewable energy while also reducing energy demand.
      In Storage developer Sunverge pairs up with PetersenDean for energy storage offering - Utility Dive
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