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    1. It is a privilege to be represented in ABB's product offerings. This affiliation will enable Galenfeha to significantly broaden its customer base locally, nationally, even internationally, and we couldn't be more pleased with this development.
      In Galenfeha, Inc. Products Offered by Leading Power and Automation Company
    2. There is no better way to demonstrate our commitment to green and reliable power than installing a microgrid for our campus and contribute to the nation's vision of clean energy and 500 MW of microgrids in the next five years, which is also in full alignment with ABB's Next Level strategy.
      In ABB Launches Landmark Industrial Microgrid in India…Aquion Offers Solar-Plus-Storage for Australian Homes
    3. By transitioning Power-One's Renewable Energy business to the ABB brand, we will be able to take full advantage of the combination of these two companies.
      In Power-One Rebranded as ABB
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