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    2. Energy Storage Industry Gaining Momentum

      Energy Storage Industry Gaining Momentum
      As energy policies, technologies and markets shift to encourage the growth of renewable power plants, rooftop solar and decentralized systems like microgrids, storage is gaining more investment and interest while regulators are moving to require its inclusion in renewable energy developments and wholesale electricity markets.
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    Li-ion; EV and Grid

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    1. Most competitors, such as NEC or A123, can only do a maximum of 100 amps.
      In 6 California Storage Startups You Should Know About
    2. Our new business wins in the micro-hybrid market have validated A123's strategy and given us an opportunity to expand our global manufacturing footprint. Our recently announced technology advancements related to high power chemistries have resulted in over $1 billion in new low voltage business awards globally in the last 15 months.
      In A123 Systems To Open Battery Plant In Ostrava, Czech Republic
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