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    1. Interview: AES Energy Storage president on benefits of batteries for wind

      Interview: AES Energy Storage president on benefits of batteries for wind

      AES Energy Storage President Chris Shelton says that battery storage can make wind power more--not less--reliable than the fossil fuel incumbents. Last September, AES opened its first energy storage project, a 32MW system that will be linked to a 98MW West Virginia wind farm. Their sealed lithium-ion batteries, originally designed for buses, fill rows of 53-foot long shipping containers.

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    2. Wind: Buy Chinese - Borrow Chinese

      Wind: Buy Chinese - Borrow Chinese
      China has taken on General Electric and Western peers that control the $70 billion wind-turbine market. With at least $15B in state-backed credit, China’s biggest windmill makers Sinovel Wind Group and Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology won their first major foreign orders in the past year. They plan to set up plants abroad, including China’s first in the U.S., easing entry into markets for delivering machines that can weigh 750 tons each.
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    3. Former Amd Vp to Lead Ener1 After Battery Company Fires CEO

      Ener1 Inc. (HEV), which produces batteries for electric vehicles, fired its chief executive to improve the flagging company’s performance. Ener1 replaced Chief Executive Officer Charles Gassenheimer yesterday with Chris Cowger, who was the New York-based company’s president, according to a filing today. Gassenheimer is also required to resign as chairman Ener1’s stock has plunged 95 percent this year and the company said Aug. 10 it’s “determining whether the company has sufficient liquidity to f
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    4. Google Profits From Tax Credit for $750M Cleantech Investments

      Google Profits From Tax Credit for $750M Cleantech Investments
      Google Inc. (GOOG) plans to ramp up its $750 million investment in clean energy projects by taking advantage of tax rules to channel more funds into wind, solar and other renewable power sources. All except two of the company’s investments in clean energy projects were structured as tax-equity financing, tapping government incentives that encourage large companies to back promising projects that often have yet to generate income.
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