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    1. GE’s New Current Division Warms Up to Boston’s Clean-Tech Community

      GE’s New Current Division Warms Up to Boston’s Clean-Tech Community

      To many in Boston’s clean-tech community, General Electric’s launch of its new energy division, Current, here is just as important as the decision to move its corporate headquarters to the city. This region is already home to one of the densest clusters of clean-energy innovators in the world. But the local industry essentially lacks a true anchor company, a household name that can act as a powerful magnet to attract others in the field. With Current, GE’s goal is to combine its energy services for corporate and municipal clients into one group, using high-tech solutions to help those customers rein in their electric bills.

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    2. Baker Names Judson to be his Energy Chief

      Baker Names Judson to be his Energy Chief

      Governor Charlie Baker’s administration has named consultant Judith Judson to the top post at the state’s Department of Energy Resources. Judson was most recently the head of emerging technologies at Customized Energy Solutions, a consulting firm where she has worked since 2012, the state said. She replaces Dan Burgess, who was named acting commissioner of the department in January.

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    3. New Battery May Give Grid a Boost

      New Battery May Give Grid a Boost

      It might be impossible to catch lightning in a bottle. But an MIT materials science professor, Don Sadoway, has figured out a way to pack it in a box not much bigger than a washing machine. After years of lab work at the Cambridge company that’s now known as Ambri Inc., Sadoway’s liquid-metal batteries will be connected to the electric grid in 2015 for the first time. Affordable, efficient power storage is a long-sought Holy Grail for the utility industry. The grid-scale batteries currently available use the same technology that is in laptops and cellphones and are considered impractical for widescale use, in part because they break down over time.

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