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    1. Oregon hybrid project springs into action

      Oregon hybrid project springs into action

      Portland General Electric (PGE) has started commercial power generation at the Wheatridge hybrid facility in Eastern Oregon, with the 300MW wind component coming online. The project will also feature 50MW of solar and 30MW battery storage, both of which will be operational by the end of next year. Wheatridge is a joint project of PGE and a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources.

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    2. Storage Player Unveils US Battery Plant Plan

      Storage Player Unveils US Battery Plant Plan

      US company Kore Power is planning to build a lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant in its home country to support global growth efforts for its energy storage system. The 305,000-square-metre plant aims to support up to 2000 jobs by providing batteries for the Mark 1TM storage system. Kore Power said it is reviewing potential sites in a handful of states within the US and has narrowed the search down to places with broad access to labor and logistics hubs.

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    3. GE Scores California Storage Hat-Trick

      GE Scores California Storage Hat-Trick

      GE Renewable Energy has been selected by Convergent Energy and Power to supply of battery energy storage systems for three projects in California with total capacity of 100 megawatt-hours. The scope also includes a long-term service agreement and augmentation guarantees. GE said the project will bring its total battery storage capacity in operation or under construction to 495MWh.

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    4. New York Installs 20MW Battery

      New York Installs 20MW Battery

      The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has completed the state’s largest battery storage installation. The 20MW system, supplied by Key Capture Energy, will serve the state’s electrical system by enhancing power grid performance and reliability. The capacity will contribute towards New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Green New Deal, which mandates a state-wide energy storage target of 3GW by 2030, the largest target in the US.

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    5. Engie Puts Store in California Education

      Engie Puts Store in California Education

      Engie Storage has installed battery storage systems for the Downey Unified School District in California. The 3.5MW solution will be operated by Engie's GridSynergy software at seven school sites with the aim of cutting electricity bills by reducing demand charges. The GridSynergy cloud-based software uses historical and real-time data to calculate optimal charge and discharge cycles for the lithium-ion batteries.

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    6. GE Books US Hydro Upgrade Double

      GE Books US Hydro Upgrade Double

      GE Renewable Energy has secured two contracts in the US to supply technology to upgrade hydro plants with a combined capacity of 1249MW. FirstLight has chosen GE Renewable Energy to design, supply, install and commission a new spherical valve at the 4x292MW Northfield Mountain pumped hydro storage station. PG&E has selected the company to replace a runner and shaft of the first of three 27MW units at the Caribou One project.

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    7. Utah Hosts 1GW Storage Mega-Mix

      Utah Hosts 1GW Storage Mega-Mix

      Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems and Magnum Development are collaborating on what will result in a 1GW energy storage project in Utah, in the US. The Advanced Clean Energy Storage initiative, announced by the companies with state governor Gary Herbert, will deploy four utility-scale technologies – renewable hydrogen, compressed air energy storage, large-scale flow batteries and solid oxide fuel cells

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    8. Puerto Rican Solar Pow Wow Resumes

      Puerto Rican Solar Pow Wow Resumes

      The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority has contacted Canada-based Greenbriar Capital with the intention of reopening negotiations to progress the 100MW Montalva solar project. The shovel-ready $305m project, which also includes a 30MW battery, will be the largest renewable energy project in the Caribbean when built. The plant will be located in the municipalities of Guanica and Lajas. Generating 100% renewable energy, the solar-plus-storage plant is estimated to provide PREPA customers with $1-2bn in energy savings over the 25-35-year life of the facility. According to Greenbriar Montalva will add 900 direct jobs during the construction phase.

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    9. RES Revels in 2018 Surge

      RES Revels in 2018 Surge

      RES has described 2018 as the ‘year of renewables’ after the company added 1.6GW to its wind, solar and energy storage portfolio, bringing the total figure to more than 16GW. Highlights included developing and/or constructing 12 new wind, solar and storage projects in North America and the completion of three wind farms in France with a combined capacity of 40MW.

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    10. Ørsted Charges UK Battery

      Ørsted Charges UK Battery

      Ørsted has brought online the 20MW Carnegie Road energy storage project at Liverpool in England, its first standalone battery plant. Carnegie Road comprises three containers and an associated power conversion system, all of which has been supplied by NEC. The project will be used to help keep the UK electricity network stable by providing flexible response to grid-needs, Ørsted said.

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    11. Enel Seals Ontario Storage Deal

      Enel Seals Ontario Storage Deal

      Enel, through its Enel X energy services division, has won a contract to deploy energy storage to cut energy costs for US packaging producer Berry Global. The behind-the-meter lithium ion battery installations, totalling 5MW/10MWh, will provide the Berry Global with 20% to 30% energy bill savings annually. Under the terms of the agreement, Enel X will purchase, install and operate four battery systems for Berry Global at its Ontario operations in Canada. The batteries will be operational by summer 2019.

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    12. UK Water Utility Makes Storage Splash

      UK Water Utility Makes Storage Splash

      UK water company Northumbrian Water will trial energy storage systems at several of its UK sites next year. The systems, comprising second-life lithium ion batteries from Renault electric cars, will mainly be used to manage energy loads and reduce energy spend by recharging with lower cost electricity at night for providing power during high-cost evening peak times. The batteries will also earn revenues by providing grid balancing services.

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    13. Storage Trio Targets Asia-Pacific

      Storage Trio Targets Asia-Pacific

      Fluence Energy, Jera and Lyon Group are joining forces to develop energy storage projects in the Asia-Pacific region. The trio will first focus on a portfolio of solar and storage facilities in Australia at Cape York in Queensland, Riverland in South Australia and Nowingi in Victoria. At Riverland a 253MW solar farm will be integrated with a 100MW storage facility, while at Nowingi a second 253MW photovoltaic facility will be linked to a 80MW battery scheme. The Cape York project will feature 55MW of solar and 20MW of storage. Other target markets include Japan, where Jera has about 66GW of installed electricity generation.

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    14. EDF Signals 10GW Battery Charge

      EDF Signals 10GW Battery Charge

      EDF is planning to develop an additional 10GW of energy storage projects around the world by 2035, on top of the 5GW already operated by the company. The French energy giant said the move represents an investment of €8bn over the 2018-2035 period. Projects will be installed globally. EDF said, however, it aims to become the leader in the residential sector in France and Europe. Africa is also a priority market, it added. New facilities that will be delivered over the next 12 month include at least three battery storage facilities and an extension to battery/solar initiatives in Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

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    15. Engie Takes Shine to US PV

      Engie Takes Shine to US PV

      Engie North America is to acquire US solar developer SoCore Energy, which has 150MW of projects operating or under construction. SoCore Energy also has a further 170MW of projects at late-stage development, as well as plans for plants including battery storage. Engie will also retain SoCore’s 70 personnel and Chicago-based headquarters. Engie North America president and chief executive Frank Demaille said: “By adding more solar energy to our other retail, wind, and biomass offerings in the US, we can meet customers’ renewable energy procurement goals much more comprehensively than before.” 

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    16. Northern Power Teams up for Storage

      Northern Power Teams up for Storage

      US wind turbine maker Northern Power Systems has entered into a strategic partnership with compatriot Eos Energy Storage to offer battery systems for UK utilities and commercial/industrial customers. The initiative will combine Eos' Aurora zinc batteries with Northern Power’s inverter, control systems and engineering expertise.

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    17. GE Unveils Battery Newbie

      GE Unveils Battery Newbie

      GE and a Californian utility have unveiled what they claim is a first-of-its-kind battery storage system that will provide instant natural gas power to back up renewable energy supplies. The first of two hybrid electric gas turbine systems was delivered for utility Southern California Edison around two months after the announcement of initial deployment plans, the companies said.

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    18. Anesco Acquires 40MW Storage

      Anesco Acquires 40MW Storage

      Anesco has acquired four battery storage projects backed by capacity market contracts from London developer Green Hedge. Located in the East Midlands and West Sussex, the 10MW projects were among the first energy storage schemes to be allocated 15-year contracts in December’s capacity market auction.

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    19. RES Rocks Glastonbury Storage

      RES Rocks Glastonbury Storage

      RES has completed its first energy storage project in the UK with a 300kW/640kWh lithium-ion battery system at a solar farm in Somerset. The Hertfordshire developer’s system was installed alongside a 1.3MW British Solar Renewables' PV site at Butleigh near Glastonbury. The under-construction system was ordered by DNO Western Power Distribution under a turnkey contract after RES won a tender last November.

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