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    1. EDF opens "Concept Grid" smart grid lab

      EDF opens "Concept Grid" smart grid lab

      The €10 million Concept Grid includes a range of facilities, including a residential area of five houses of 20m2 each to test current and future technologies such as smart meters, remotely controlled appliances, reversible heat pumps, micro-turbines, photovoltaic panels, charging stations for electric vehicles, storage solutions, etc.

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    2. Ontario IESO to incorporate NRStor systems for regulation services

      Ontario IESO to incorporate NRStor systems for regulation services

      Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) is to increase the participation of alternative technologies including aggregated loads, flywheels and battery storage in the electricity market with the supply of regulation service from three new suppliers.  The suppliers are ENBALA Power Networks, NRStor, and Renewable Energy Systems Canada.

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