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    1. New Battery Storage for Private Homes

      New Battery Storage for Private Homes

      Siemens has launched its first battery storage geared to the requirements in private homes. Homeowners can use the Junelight Smart Battery to maximize consumption of self-generated energy, minimize energy procurement cost and reduce emissions. The lithium-ion storage combines intelligent and safe energy management and a modern design, says the company. Junelight coordinates predictive charging and discharging depending on the weather-related yield forecast of the photovoltaic system and the household’s consumption profile.

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    2. Cordova's Microgrid Integrates Battery Storage with Hydropower

      Cordova's Microgrid Integrates Battery Storage with Hydropower

      Several remote, off-grid communities in Alaska have adopted energy storage systems as part of their microgrids, as they drive to replace expensive diesel generation with renewable wind and solar power. Now, the small town of Cordova, Alaska, U.S., 150 miles (241 km) southeast of Anchorage, Alaska, is pioneering the integration of a Lithium ion energy storage system into a hydropower microgrid. The aim is to recover lost hydro generation that currently must be spilled during transition periods between hydro-only and combined hydro-diesel generation.

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    3. Evolution of Li-ion Batteries: From the Garage to the Grid

      Evolution of Li-ion Batteries: From the Garage to the Grid

      Li-ion with all its variants is the most used battery type today. It has a commanding 40% share among different battery types and this number is expected to grow even more because of increased use in EVs and consumer electronics. Because of its ever-increasing importance in e-mobility, consumer electronics and special applications like marine and defense, a lot of research is being done on this technology. This article summarizes some recent advancements and trends in Li-ion battery technology that are expected to have a significant impact on market dynamics.

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    4. Flexible Energy Storage Solutions

      Flexible Energy Storage Solutions

      Thousands of megawatt-hours of electrical energy squirreled away into utility-scale energy storage plants to cover the spread between generated renewable energy and the lowest reliable operating limit during the 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. “duck curve” period of the day — does this sound like a glimpse into the far future of major utilities across the United States and the world? But the future has already arrived at the Carolina operating companies of Duke Energy. The Duke Energy Progress Company, serving customers primarily in the eastern half of North and South Carolina, managed a whopping 106 GWh of excess energy in 2017, largely generated from utility-scale solar in North Carolina, using pumped hydro energy storage.

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    5. EPRI Awarded $6 Million From DOE for Future Grid Workforce Training Program

      EPRI Awarded $6 Million From DOE for Future Grid Workforce Training Program

      The Electric Power Research Institute has been selected to receive a $6 million award from the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office to train the next generation of electric utility workers. The award, the largest of 53 DOE workforce development grants, will be used to develop the data science and analytical skills needed to manage the more integrated grid of the future.

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    6. Alabama Power's Smart Neighborhood

      Alabama Power's Smart Neighborhood

      Southern Company and its Alabama Power and Georgia Power subsidiaries are conducting Smart Neighborhood projects to proactively simulate what the future could hold for them and their customers. In a future potentially filled with distributed energy resources and microgrids, initiatives like this will enable Southern Company to adapt and continue providing clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy to its customers and communities.

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    7. Energy Storage Facilities Across the Grid

      Energy Storage Facilities Across the Grid

      Battery-based storage is experiencing a resurgence thanks to advancements in the technology and improvements in its capabilities. These systems can store more energy and deliver more power than previous batteries could. Maintenance also has been reduced as battery life has increased, thanks to developments in power conversion and the adaption of power electronics found in state-of-the-art ESS.

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    8. Creating a Disruption-Proof Grid

      Creating a Disruption-Proof Grid

      The U.S. energy storage industry just completed another record-setting year — doubling deployments to 336 MWh in more than 25 states. Utilities, grid operators, businesses and homeowners are embracing energy storage in a wide range of applications and sizes, bringing new capabilities to the grid at every scale.

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    9. FERC Issues License for Major Montana Energy Project

      FERC Issues License for Major Montana Energy Project

      The Gordon Butte Pumped Storage Hydro project located in Montana has been issued a 50-year license to construct and operate by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).  Final design is to be completed in 2017 with construction anticipated to begin in 2018. "This is a tremendous milestone achieved by a world-class team including Barnard, SNC-Lavalin and GE Renewables," said Carl Borgquist, President of Absaroka Energy.  "I'm so proud of our team who have worked diligently together to accomplish this significant milestone on the journey to project completion." 

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    10. German Energy Storage Company Fires up Energy Revolution

      German Energy Storage Company Fires up Energy Revolution

      A smart, entrepreneurial Germany battery company is taking on its country’s electric utilities as it carves out a new business model for itself amid a fast-changing energy marketplace. Sonnen, based in Bavaria, aims to bring its disruptive vision of the future of electric power to America in a few years. Just two weeks ago, it started providing an unprecedented blend of energy storage, energy management capabilities along with free electricity to 2,000 customers across Germany, from Hamburg to Munich, Christoph Ostermann, co-founder and CEO of Sonnen, Thursday told the Energy Times in an exclusive interview.

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    11. EAC Provides DOE with Recommendations on Distributed Energy Storage

      EAC Provides DOE with Recommendations on Distributed Energy Storage

      As announced by the U.S. Office of Electricity Delivery & Energy Reliability, The Electricity Advisory Committee has made recommendations on tangible ways in which the Energy Department can support distributed energy storage (DES) market deployment through technology developments and technical analyses. The research was spearheaded by the Smart Grid Subcommittee and the Energy Storage Subcommittee of the EAC.

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    12. Power Efficiency Corp. Wins 2-Year 12 MW Bid in Con Edison BQDM Auction

      Power Efficiency Corp. Wins 2-Year 12 MW Bid in Con Edison BQDM Auction

      Power Efficiency Corp. won its bid to provide Con Edison 12 MW of demand response energy in the summer months of 2017 and 2018. The auction was part of the innovative Con Edison program to defer $1 billion in infrastructure expenditures required for Richmond Hill, Ridgewood, and Crown Heights networks in Brooklyn and Queens by reducing 52 MW of peak load in the BQDM area through a combination of customer sided solutions (41 MW) and non-traditional utility sided solutions (11 MW). Con Ed sought 41 MW in commitments for 2017 and 2018 from companies, with an objective to use these demand side resources to reduce peak summertime loads on the electric grid in this territory.

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    13. Kilowatt, Kilowatt-Hours Unite

      Kilowatt, Kilowatt-Hours Unite

      The Energy Storage Association (ESA) was holding its annual event this year in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S., and I was feeling the need to catch up with innovations in battery storage. I discovered the ESA is a great gathering place for technologists, startups, mature vendors, utilities and university types — a mosh pit of those who drive the energy storage future. Black & Veatch hosted an awesome evening reception at the NASCAR Hall of Fame, and I had the good fortune of running into my friend Bill Muston. Bill is the technologist at Oncor who toured me about the Oncor microgrid located at their general services headquarters facility a bit outside of Dallas, Texas, U.S. Check out the article in the April 2016 issue of T&D World that provides details of this microgrid, including the installation of photovoltaic panels, Tesla storage batteries and a Capstone turbine.

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    14. TEP Receives Approval to Develop Energy Storage Facilities - Transmission and Distribution World

      TEP Receives Approval to Develop Energy Storage Facilities - Transmission and Distribution World

      Tucson Electric Power (TEP) will enter into long-term agreements with E.ON Climate & Renewables and NextEra Energy Resources for the construction of two large, innovative energy storage systems. The projects, approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC), will be used to improve service reliability and study how such systems can support the expansion of solar power resources and other renewable energy technologies.

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    15. Sumitomo to Operate First Independent Battery Storage System

      Sumitomo to Operate First Independent Battery Storage System

      Sumitomo Corp. together with Sumitomo Corp. of Americas, are to commence operation of their battery power storage system, Willey Battery Utility, LLC, that they have been constructing in Hamilton County, Ohio, since April. This facility will provide a reliable and stable supply-demand balancing service for the frequency regulation market operated by PJM, the largest independent service operator of wholesale electricity in the U.S. "As a developer of wind and solar power plants which are unavoidably intermittent generation sources, we think it is quite important that we also contribute to the stabilization of power grids through balancing services. Understanding that energy storage service is indispensable for further penetration of renewable energy, we will keep trying to expand our footprint in the energy-storage space, not only in frequency-regulation but also in other types of storage services," said Nick Hagiwara, director, Power and Infrastructure Group, Sumitomo Corp. of Americas.

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    16. EPRI to Lead Research to Maximize Solar and Energy Storage Integration

      EPRI to Lead Research to Maximize Solar and Energy Storage Integration

      The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) will lead a three-year collaboration to investigate the end-to-end grid integration of solar photovoltaic (PV) generation, energy storage, load management, and solar forecasting. The U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative announced in January a cooperative research award to support the collaborative, which includes universities, companies and utilities. The funding was awarded under DOE's Sustainable and Holistic Integration of Energy Storage and Solar PV or SHINES program. The goal of the research project is to support the transformation of electric power system design and operation to seamlessly integrate solar PV and energy storage.

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    17. Berkeley's Energy Storage Visionary

      Berkeley's Energy Storage Visionary

      LightSail Energy, a Berkeley, Calif., startup, is set on coming up with the world’s best energy storage system relying on compressed air to store grid power. Danielle Fong, co-founder of LightSail in 2009, has picked up $70 million from Bill Gates, Khosla Ventures and others to fund her efforts, according to an article in The Wall Street Journal. Industry exprts predict that the energy storage market will grow from about $111 million in 2013, to $498 million this year nad $682 million in 2017, according to figures cited by the Journal.

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    18. Companies Launch Next-Generation Storage System

      Companies Launch Next-Generation Storage System

      Vionx Energy has announced an ecosystem of companies to launch and commercialize a storage technology poised to transform how modern grids are managed and optimized. The unique relationship brings together six global companies— United Technologies Corp. (UTC), Starwood Energy Group, Siemens, 3M, Vantage Point Capital Partners and Jabil—to license, finance, manufacture and deploy the energy storage system.

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    19. Innovation on the Perdernales

      Innovation on the Perdernales

      The Perdernales Electric Cooperative, one of the nation’s largest rural electric co-ops, is  emerging as the vanguard of innovators when it comes to engaging and partnering with its member-consumers  in supporting their energy goals. “We are here to support our members and to optimize the value of the owners’ assets ” said John Hewa, the co-op’s chief executive officer.

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    20. Southern Company Opens Energy Storage Research Project

      Southern Company Opens Energy Storage Research Project

      Southern Company in September hosted industry leaders and local dignitaries at a ribbon-cutting ceremony and facility tour at the largest battery storage research project in its operating system. Located in Cedartown, Georgia, the new research project will test and evaluate a 1-megawatt (MW)/2-megawatt-hour (MWh) battery storage system using lithium-ion battery technology – similar to the battery chemistry in electric vehicles and many of today's consumer electronics.

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    21. View of an Energy Storage System

      View of an Energy Storage System

      All customers want reliable power but for some it’s truly a necessity. For one of PG&E’s customers, a company conducting sensitive research work, any interruption in power could cause significant losses in both experimental data and personnel time. S&C’s Yerba Buena project—a finalist for the 2015 Energy Storage North America Awards – provided a solution.

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    22. Kentucky Utility Uses Energy Storage for Demand Response Program

      Kentucky Utility Uses Energy Storage for Demand Response Program

      The Glasgow Electric Plant Board is installing Sunverge Energy's smart energy storage devices as part of the utility's effort to significantly reduce emissions during times of peak demand for its customers in southern Kentucky. The municipally owned utility, which serves a town of 14,000, turned to Sunverge to help reach its goal of reducing carbon emissions by 25 percent.

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    23. Tesla to Provide Technology for Advanced Microgrid Solutions Projects

      Tesla to Provide Technology for Advanced Microgrid Solutions Projects

      Advanced Microgrid Solutions has selected Tesla as the primary technology provider for its utility-scale energy storage projects. Under the agreement, AMS will install up to 500-MWh of Tesla batteries in its energy storage projects. AMS has also signed a master agreement with global firm Black & Veatch for engineering and construction services. "Tesla's focus on performance and design makes them the stand out technology choice for our projects," said Susan Kennedy, CEO of AMS. "AMS' projects require intelligent, powerful and scalable energy storage solutions. Tesla's technology gives us the edge we are looking for."

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