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    1. New CEO to take LS Energy Solutions to the next level

      New CEO to take LS Energy Solutions to the next level

      ESA member LS Energy Solutions, the energy storage pioneer, announces the appointment of Steve Fludder, as new President and CEO. Fludder is an accomplished power and energy veteran, who most recently served as CEO of NEC Energy Solutions and earlier held the post of Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of Samsung Engineering. Steve started his career at GE and spent 27 years with the company including five years as a Vice President and Corporate Officer. He led GE’s company-wide environmental business initiative, which grew to $18 billion under his leadership.

      In addition to appointing Steve Fludder as a new CEO, LS Energy Solutions is also appointing ESA board member Roger Lin as the new VP of Marketing and Strategy. Roger has over 15 years of battery technology experience, and is a recognized expert and key contributor to the energy storage industry. Prior to joining LS Energy, Roger led global marketing, strategy, and product at NEC Energy Solutions, and has held key roles at A123 Systems, a lithium-ion battery startup. Together, Fludder and Lin will be taking the company to the next level in the exponentially growing energy storage market.

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