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    1. R.W. Beckett Adds Power with Energy Unit

      R.W. Beckett Adds Power with Energy Unit

      R. W. Beckett Corp. has been making controls and heating-related systems for nearly 80 years. But the market has changed quite a bit in that time, and the North Ridgeville-based manufacturer has grown and expanded right along with it.  So in 2010, the company introduced Beckett Energy Systems, a division of R. W. Beckett being incubated within the larger campus. As the world is moving toward alternative forms of storing energy, the company wanted to take advantage of current trends, said president and CEO Kevin Beckett. Eventually, Beckett said, it could become a “significant” part of the Beckett family of companies. 

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    2. Supply Chain Equity buys majority stake in Storage Battery Systems

      Supply Chain Equity buys majority stake in Storage Battery Systems

      Storage Battery Systems' annual sales are in the range of $50M to $100M.  The 100-year-old company makes and distributes a variety of batteries for utility power systems, telecommunications systems, forklifts and other end uses.  Storage Battery Systems employs fewer than 100 people.

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