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    1. Powering a Decentralized Grid

      Powering a Decentralized Grid

      In Chandler, Ariz., Salt River Project (SRP)—a nonprofit water and energy utility—is kicking off a new endeavor that will deliver power to about 1,000 homes in the Phoenix metropolitan area. But plans don’t involve a natural gas plant or even solar or wind turbine installations. In a sign of the decentralization of the nation’s power grid, this project centers on battery-based energy storage. Per a 20-year power purchase agreement between SRP and The AES Corporation, a 10 MW four-hour-duration energy storage system will inject power into the grid during peak demand periods. Fluence is supplying the Advancion battery storage system, which will be charged by an SRP distribution substation, and is taking the lead on deploying and maintaining the system. Mortenson is the EPC contractor responsible for the balance-of-plant portion of the project.

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