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    1. BASF Opens Battery R&D in Japan

      BASF Opens Battery R&D in Japan

      As reported in March, the 600 m2 facility, located in the Amagasaki Research Incubation Center (ARIC), is BASF’s first combined battery materials research and development (R&D) and application technology operation in Asia Pacific. “The new Amagasaki Battery Materials Lab will enable us to extend our successful R&D network with research institutes and the battery manufacturing industry into Japan,” said Dr Peter Schuhmacher, president process research and chemical engineering at BASF.

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    2. BASF plans to become world leader in battery materials

      BASF plans to become world leader in battery materials

      BASF has acquired the US companies Ovonic Battery, a producer of nickel-metal hydride batteries and Novolyte Technologies, a manufacturer of electrolyte formulations for lithium-ion batteries. BASF also bought Merck's electrolyte activities, and concluded a license agreement to acquire the lithium iron phosphate technology (LFP) of LiFePO4+C Licensing AG.  It has also worked with rechargeable battery specialist Sion Power

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