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    1. Two States Now Racing for 100% Clean Energy

      Two States Now Racing for 100% Clean Energy

      California is one of the country’s leading renewable energy states. As of 2014, it was ranked #4 in hydroelectric production, #2 in net renewable production, and #1 in solar energy production.It’s also home to the first Tesla factory, located in Fremont. This connection alone puts California in the clean energy spotlight. So when state officials announced their intention to cover 50% of California’s energy demand with renewables by 2030, no one was surprised. 

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    2. Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES)

      Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES)

      Ever heard of Liquid Air Energy Storage? A small UK company called Highview Power Storage has got its hands all over it, and they have their sights set on the states. Highview just signed a global licensing and technology agreement with GE’s (NYSE:GE) Oil and Gas unit, so it's time to look into the technology.

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    3. Coda's Storage Battery gets Certified

      Coda's Storage Battery gets Certified

      Just six months ago, Coda Holdings made a big change. It went from being an electric vehicle (EV) company to being an energy storage company. Today, the company announced its energy storage system known as the Coda Core has received UL 1973 certification, the stamp of approval from the prominent product safety board. UL gives certifications for mostly electrical products, and the UL 1973 certification includes testing at the system level. Coda says all primary components of its energy storage system, including battery cells, inverters, and software, have all been independently certified.

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