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    1. Where Energy Storage is Headed

      Where Energy Storage is Headed

      PUF’s Steve Mitnick: What are your top goals for 2018 as the CEO of the Energy Storage Association? Kelly Speakes-Backman: The energy storage industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, and with it, ESA will expand its support of the market. 2018 will be a year of continued growth for ESA and the storage industry, but also one of reflection on what the future will hold and how ESA can be a catalyst for this growth.

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    2. Strike While Iron Hot

      Strike While Iron Hot

      Most state legislatures are, or soon will be, adjourned for the year. Except for a few states, legislatures only meet a few months a year and then the legislators return to their homes, businesses, and private lives. As a legislator who was formerly employed as a government and community affairs representative by a petroleum company, I have experience in trying to educate legislators. And, as a legislator, I am willing to be educated.

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