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    1. Nissan and Eaton Collaboration in Developing Energy Storage Solutions

      Nissan and Eaton Collaboration in Developing Energy Storage Solutions

      Nissan and Eaton have joined forces to provide an innovative energy storage solution incorporating renewable energy sources for cloud and IT services hosting company Webaxys' new, 'eco-responsible' data centre based at the Saint-Romain de Colbosc Eco Park in Normandy. The energy storage solution provides a 'second-life' for Nissan electric vehicle batteries and in combination with Eaton's leading uninterruptible power supply capabilities, provides an industrialised energy control and storage solution for managing data centres. This innovative solution not only enables integration with local renewable sources, but allows companies to draw down from and provide energy back to the grid, ensuring stable and cost efficient energy management systems.

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    2. Cheaper Battery Technology for Solar Storage

      Cheaper Battery Technology for Solar Storage

      Researchers at WMG, University of Warwick have formed a new research partnership with battery technology innovators Faradion, and smart energy storage specialists Moixa Technology, to develop sodium-ion cells as a significantly lower cost alternative to lithium-ion batteries for solar energy storage. This collaboration is being part funded by Innovate UK, the UK's innovation agency.   A significant proportion of the cost of current solar energy storage systems comes from the commonly used lithium-ion battery. However by using highly abundant sodium salts rather than lithium, Sodium-ion cells are anticipated to be 30% cheaper to produce. This makes solar storage more accessible and opening up the possibility of domestic renewable energy storage to a greater number of households and businesses worldwide. Developments in this area could lead to a CO2 reduction of 500,000 tonnes each year.

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    3. Zinc Oxide Materials Tapped for Tiny Energy Harvesting Devices

      Zinc Oxide Materials Tapped for Tiny Energy Harvesting Devices

      Many types of smart devices are readily available and convenient to use. The goal now is to make wearable electronics that are flexible, sustainable and powered by ambient renewable energy. This last goal inspired a group of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) researchers to explore how the attractive physical features of zinc oxide (ZnO) materials could be more effectively used to tap into abundant mechanical energy sources to power micro devices. They discovered that inserting aluminum nitride insulating layers into ZnO-based energy harvesting devices led to a significant improvement of the devices' performance.

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    4. Collaboration on Solar Battery Development

      Collaboration on Solar Battery Development

      Sol Chip has announced a collaboration agreement with Tadiran Batteries for solar battery development and marketing cooperation. Founded in 2009, Sol Chip is an energy-harvesting company that has developed a maintenance- free Everlasting Solar Battery. Sol Chip's technology provides a platform for disruptive applications such as precision agriculture and Internet of Things (IoT). Sol Chip's innovative technology is designed to enable autonomous operation of devices and systems powered by a "plug and play" solar energy source.

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    5. Funding to Develop Energy Storage Technologies

      Funding to Develop Energy Storage Technologies

      Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, Governor of New York, has announced that $1.4 million has been awarded to six companies working on new technologies in battery and energy storage, which will help develop working prototypes that demonstrate the ability of these advanced energy storage systems. Funding will help leverage a total private investment of $2 million. The funding will help to transition new energy storage technologies with proven technical feasibility to a working prototype. A working prototype is an essential step along the product commercialization path and increases a company's opportunity to attract additional investment.

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    6. Formula One Derived Energy Storage Technology

      Formula One Derived Energy Storage Technology

      Williams Advanced Engineering, the division of Williams that commercialises Formula One derived technologies, is embarking on a project to install flywheel energy storage technology in two remote Scottish island communities to help stabilise their power grids, improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions from non-renewable power sources.

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    7. Market Expansion for Next-Generation Energy Storage Devices

      Market Expansion for Next-Generation Energy Storage Devices

      The University of Central Florida (UCF) has signed a license agreement with an award-winning student-led spin-out company that is looking to expand the market for its spray-on battery coatings.  Mesdi Systems specializes in the production and implementation of advanced spray equipment used to manufacture nano-materials and ultra-thin coatings.

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