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    1. Mutated Virus Helps Build a Better Battery

      Mutated Virus Helps Build a Better Battery

      By unleashing a genetically modified virus onto microscopic electrode wires, researchers from MIT have shown that the performance of lithium-air batteries can be significantly improved -- a remarkable breakthrough that could revolutionize the way our electric devices are powered. Indeed, lithium-air batteries have generated considerable buzz over the years because of the way they can increase power without having to increase weight, an attribute that could lead to electric cars with much greater driving range. But engineers have struggled to to create the durable materials required for the batteries' electrodes, and increase the number of charging-cycles the batteries can withstand.

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    2. 'Battery Parfait' Made from Molten Metal - Discovery News

      'Battery Parfait' Made from Molten Metal - Discovery News
      Product Design & Development'Battery Parfait' Made from Molten MetalDiscovery NewsAt the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, professor of materials chemistry Donald Sadoway and David Bradwell are investigating batteries made from molten metal. The molten battery design uses liquids of different densities (think of how oil and ...Liquid Batteries May Address Intermittency of Clean, Renewable EnergyAZoCleantechMIT pushes liquid metal battery technologySustainable Business OregonLiquid batteries: A renewable energy game-changer?SmartPlanet.com (blog)all 26 news articles »
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