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    1. Technopolis - Battery City: Are Batteries the Key to Our Cities' Energy Future?

      Technopolis - Battery City: Are Batteries the Key to Our Cities' Energy Future?

      Will every building in your city one day be powered by a battery? In this podcast episode, Molly and Jim look at how energy storage could change everything about how we turn on the lights and get around town. And they'll explore how renewable energy might keep our cities running even when the sun doesn't shine and the wind doesn't blow. They talk with John Zahurancik of Fluence Energy and Rushad Nanavatty of Rocky Mountain Institute. They also make an inspiring phone call to Dan Neil, auto columnist for the Wall Street Journal.

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    2. To Beat City Heat, Use an 'Ice Battery'

      To Beat City Heat, Use an 'Ice Battery'

      Famously, Americans are the world’s most extravagant consumers of artificial cooling: We use more electricity for air-conditioning than the entire continent of Africa uses for, well, everything. And as global heat records keep falling and summers get longer and hotter—and as the use of A/C proliferates worldwide—that demand will continue to surge. The challenge of keeping cities livable as we chug toward our Venusian future is complicated by the fact that A/C use fuels rising temps, both directly and indirectly. To handle the increased power demands of hot summer days, utilities need to fire up those dirty, carbon-intensive “peaker plants” that emit an extra dose of climate-addling gases. Plus, because the electrical grid can’t just store the extra juice we need to crank the A/C when a heat wave comes, an enormous amount of energy is wasted on rarely needed capacity. “We have twice as much transmission as we need to meet our needs, if we were using it at a steady rate, day and night,” says Mark MacCracken, CEO of CALMAC, a New Jersey firm that specializes in thermal energy storage.

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