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    1. STUDIO Technical Conference: Hotel Room Block Discounts End July 14th

      STUDIO Technical Conference: Hotel Room Block Discounts End July 14th

      Make your plans today for the STUDIO Technical Conference (Aug 1-3) and save up to $85 on your hotel reservations. The inaugural STUDIO Conference – Storage Technology and Uses, Deployment Integration and Operations – is a unique technical forum focused on the advancement and integration of storage systems to enable a more flexible, efficient and resilient electric grid. Featured speakers include industry experts including Kevin Lynn, DOE’s Director of Grid Integration, and Rob Oglesby, Executive Director of the California Energy Commission.

      Produced in partnership with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), STUDIO brings stakeholders from across the energy industry together for a unique meeting that explores the real-world technical experience of rapidly accelerating energy storage deployments. You can see the current agenda and confirmed speakers here.

      Register today and make your hotel reservations to save on attending the first-ever STUDIO Energy Storage Conference.

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