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    1. New Tech at Lockheed Martin Gives Boost to Our Electric Grid

      New Tech at Lockheed Martin Gives Boost to Our Electric Grid

      LIVERPOOL, N.Y. -- The Grid-Star Lithium-Ion Energy Storage System, recently installed at Lockheed Martin's Liverpool facility, will reduce electricity bills and allow the aerospace, defense, security and advanced technologies company to provide services to the electric grid. That's according to company officials who believe this technology is a win-win for everyone involved. "We're delighted to do it at an important Lockheed Martin manufacturing facility to provide value both to ourselves and to the electric grid in a project that makes financial sense for us and demonstrates what we are doing with this new product line," said Richard Brody, Lockheed Martin sales and marketing director. Brody says four more systems will be installed at other Lockheed Martin facilities in the near future.

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    2. Energy Storage in the Spotlight in Charlotte

      Energy Storage in the Spotlight in Charlotte

      CHARLOTTE -- The White House is reportedly set to make an announcement in Charlotte that could save you hundreds of dollars on your yearly energy bills. The Energy Storage Association is hosting its annual conference in Charlotte. A White House official is scheduled to speak Wednesday. ESA Executive Director Matt Roberts says he expects an announcement which could boost technology to store the power grid's extra energy and waste less of it. Industry studies show widespread use of the battery technology could save consumers about $180 per year on their energy bills. “What storage provides is a lot of value on the grid. It helps you integrate more renewables into the grid, helps us make a cleaner grid, but also makes it more resilient and reliable. Those are the big factors that have brought so much attention to energy storage,” Roberts explained.

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