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    1. Energy Storage ‘Will Wipe Out Battery Storage’

      Energy Storage ‘Will Wipe Out Battery Storage’

      There are quick bucks to be made from battery storage. But in three or four years, many assets will be in the bin, reckons redT chief Scott McGregor. He claims sustainable energy storage that can handle multiple functions for decades without degrading is now viable. Predictions for battery storage penetration vary wildly. UK Power Networks recently reported it had received 12GW of connections requests in little over a year, much of it for batteries, much of it “highly speculative”. Western Power Distribution has 1GW of storage connections agreements on its network, with a further 1GW offered.

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    2. National Grid to Tender for 200MW of Superfast Balancing Services Next Month

      National Grid to Tender for 200MW of Superfast Balancing Services Next Month

      National Grid will invite tenders for its new superfast frequency response service on 15 April. The system operator seeks an initial 200MW, but sees the service as an enduring regime as the UK power system continues to lose inertia. Technical details of the Enhanced Frequency Response service – which requires sub-second responses to deviations from the power systems standard 50Hz to prevent faults – are being fine-tuned. However, National Grid has published further details. Successful bidders will receive four year contracts, which National Grid believes strikes a balance between risk and reward for those looking to own and operate assets, which in the main are likely to be batteries. However, the auction is technology-neutral. Interconnectors, other forms of energy storage and even aggregated domestic batteries will not be prevented from making a bid, provided they meet the 1MW minimum requirement, can connect to Grid’s systems and have the relevant data.

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