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    1. National Grid to Incentivise Vehicle-to-Grid Tech

      National Grid to Incentivise Vehicle-to-Grid Tech

      Battery storage firm Moixa and National Grid are among the transport and energy organisations working on a project to support vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology. The consortium, which also includes Western Power Distribution, Nissan and Element Energy, aims to incentivise the V2G roll out by sharing increased revenue with drivers of electric vehicles (EVs), owners of smart chargers, managers of charging sites and operators of battery storage.

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    2. Energy Made Easy – US to decarbonise by 2050 with energy storage

      Energy Made Easy – US to decarbonise by 2050 with energy storage

      US Energy Secretary Ernest Moriz believes energy storage will lead to full decarbonisation by 2050. Energy storage technology is rapidly advancing and soon it may allow wind and solar to overcome their major flaw of intermittent generation. It could even dispense with the need for nuclear and thermal power. “Energy storage is a huge deal,” says Ernest Moniz, US Energy Secretary and nuclear physicist. The US Department of Energy (DOE) is funding 75 storage projects to pursue what it calls the ‘Holy Grail’ of energy, as part of the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E).

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    3. UK 'Needs Capacity Payments for Energy Storage'

      UK 'Needs Capacity Payments for Energy Storage'

      The UK is lagging behind the States on energy storage technologies as there is no payment mechanism for the market. That’s the view of Bali Sahdra, Senior Business Development Manager at AES, an energy storage company, who said the UK is “almost five years behind” in comparison to the US. She told ELN investors need to get a return: “There needs to be a mechanism that allows and recognises energy storage in the same light that other technologies are recognised in and one of those mechanisms is capacity payments.

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