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    1. Infigen Energy Invests in Tesla Big Battery Energy Storage System

      Infigen Energy Invests in Tesla Big Battery Energy Storage System

      Wind energy company Infigen Energy plans to install a 52 MWh Tesla Powerpack battery energy storage system in South Australia. The battery system will be next to its 278 MW Lake Bonney Wind Farm near Mount Gambier. The Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) will cost around $38 million to build and install. ARENA and the South Australian government will each contribute funding of $5 million towards the project. Once built, BESS will be connected to the National Energy Market. It will also enable Infigen to firm up an extra 18 MW of renewable supply.

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    2. Sonnen Wins "Continued Excellence Award"

      Sonnen Wins "Continued Excellence Award"

      German home battery system manufacturer sonnen may need to buy a larger trophy cabinet for its headquarters soon - it's won yet another award. The company reports it has (again) been selected for the Global Cleantech 100 list. This is the third consecutive year sonnen has made the list, also earning it a “Continued Excellence Award”.

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    3. German Battery Maker Sonnen A Zayed Future Energy Prize Winner

      German Battery Maker Sonnen A Zayed Future Energy Prize Winner

      Germany’s sonnen is among the winners of the 2017 Zayed Future Energy Prize, taking out the Small/Medium Enterprise (SME) category. Sonnen CEO Christop Ostermann accepted the award and US$1.5 million prize purse during the opening ceremony of the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi. The $4 million Zayed Future Energy Prize was created in 2008 by General Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, in honor of his late father’s vision for such an award.

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    4. International Space Station Gets A Battery Upgrade

      International Space Station Gets A Battery Upgrade

      NASA astronauts have installed adapter plates and electrical connections necessary for three of six new lithium-ion batteries to be installed on the International Space Station. The 6.5 hour exercise was the first of two spacewalks planned to finalize the installation of the lithium-ion batteries, which will replace 12 of the space station’s nickel hydrogen (Ni-H2) energy storage units. The second spacewalk will occur on Friday, January 13.

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    5. Demand For Enphase AC Batteries Exceeds Expectations

      Demand For Enphase AC Batteries Exceeds Expectations

      Enphase Energy, Inc. has upped  production plans for its AC Battery, based on expected strong demand in Australia and New Zealand. Volume projections provided by distributors put the expected sales tally at 70,000 Enphase batteries in Australia and New Zealand alone over the next year. Some of this demand will be driven by the looming end of the legacy Solar Bonus Scheme in New South Wales.

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    6. SunEdison To Purchase 100+ MWh Of Flow Batteries

      SunEdison To Purchase 100+ MWh Of Flow Batteries

      SunEdison, Inc., has announced it intends purchasing up to 1,000 vanadium flow batteries to store solar-generated electricity generated by the company’s rural electrification and solar powered minigrid projects in India. The 100+ megawatt hours of batteries will be sourced from Imergy Power Systems, a leader in flow battery solutions.

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    7. The Zinc-Polyiodide Redox Flow Battery

      The Zinc-Polyiodide Redox Flow Battery

      A new type of redox flow battery has an energy density approaching that of lithium-ion batteries used in portable electronic devices and some small electric cars. A new zinc-polyiodide redox flow battery developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) and described in Nature Communications uses an electrolyte with more than double the energy density of the next best design; opening up possibilities of using flow batteries in applications such as vehicles in the future.

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