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    1. NV Energy to Add 3 Solar and Storage Projects to Southern Nevada

      NV Energy to Add 3 Solar and Storage Projects to Southern Nevada

      NV Energy received approval from state regulators to add three solar projects in Southern Nevada that should generate enough electricity to power 230,000 homes. On Wednesday, the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada approved NV Energy’s Integrated Resource Plan, which would add 1,190 megawatts of solar renewable energy projects to the state, as well as an additional 590 megawatts of energy storage capacity.

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    2. Nevada's Vanadium May Hold Key to Storing Energy

      Nevada's Vanadium May Hold Key to Storing Energy

      The future of America’s energy storage industry may well be found in “them thar hills” of central Nevada, and Canada-based American Vanadium Corp. is gearing up to harvest what it sees as the 21st century mother lode. The company is in the permitting phase of starting a mining operation for a deposit of vanadium in Eureka County. Initially, that means up to 125 new jobs but it could mean much more to the state’s economy in the long run. Vanadium is the 23rd element on the periodic table, and it is classified as a soft silver-gray ductile transition metal. Most vanadium — about 90 percent globally — is used as an additive to strengthen steel. Recently, many people, including President Barack Obama, have gotten excited about vanadium’s status as a strategic metal with “green energy” applications, American Vanadium Corp. CEO Bill Radvak said.

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